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Continuing with overnight experience:

  1. 5 pm. You'll participate in the preparation of dinner with the families of the community.
  2. 7 pm. Dinner with the community people.
  3. 8 pm. History of our Patrones Mayor, domos, and the peones; history of Maya cows.
  4. 8 am. Typical breakfast - Back to Cuenca.
    [End of one day tour + overnight].

Next day:

In case of 2 days tour plus the overnight experience:

  1. Conversation: teaching about Quichua Cañari language.
  2. The milking experience.
  3. Explanation of some handcrafts.
  4. Explanation of the construction of handcrafted musical instruments like flute, pingullos, etc.
  5. Demonstrations of the sauna, in a cave at the foot of the mountain, to purify the blood, lose weight, etc.
  6. Agricultural practices depending of the season.
  7. Lunch with the families of the community.
  8. Small ride, and walk in the countryside.
  9. Back to the Cottage Cabaña Samana Wasi.
  10. Evaluation of the day.
  11. Popular dance with live music and farewell.
  12. Back to Cuenca.

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